Thursday, June 18, 2009

Prepare for my rant.

I took George to breakfast last weekend when Chuck was picking up the other two kids from his parents house. It was really a nice quiet weekend, although I didn't get much work done. I decided to go to this little joint called Fuzzy's Tacos. Yum. I ordered Migas and as I was getting my coffee, the woman who took my order came over and asked how much George weighed. I said, "Oh, about 22 pounds." She asked, "How old is he?" I responded proudly, "Six months old." She said, "My little girl is 11 months old and only weights 17 pounds. Is there something wrong with him?" I paused for a fraction of a second before responding, "Oh, no. He's fine. He's just a big boy." Honestly, I was a bit offended that she would ask something like that. He's not that big. He doesn't look like he is a giant or anything. He's just a healthy boy - still on the percentile charts at the pediatrician's office. And the doctor has never voiced any concern about George's weight. I couldn't believe a stranger asked me that! Then she followed up that question with, "Well, does he eat a lot?" I started to take a tone with her as my eyebrows furrowed and I said, "Uh, no. He eats just like other kids his age." I was a bit hacked. I wanted to tell her that George could squash her little runt 11 month old, but clearly I'm a nicer person than that. Good heavens. What happened to manners? It's like people don't even think about what they are saying anymore.

We also have some friends who have small children (and the parents are obviously petite as well). The father comments on how huge our kids are compared to his. In fact, before Chuck and I ever popped out kids (and when I was still quite in shape), Bryan spanned my wrist with his fingers and said, "Wow, you guys are going to have big babies. Your kids will be able to kick our kids' asses." (he's just like that.) I was a little offended though that he thought I was so "big." I've gotten over that, but the conversation continues now that we both have three kids and it is obvious that my kids could easily sit on his kids and win a fight. (Notably, his kids are rougher than mine- more wiry and mean).

Still, no mom wants to hear about any perceived defect in her children - even if it is obvious, because you can't really change the physical attributes of your own child (even though George has already had plastic surgery). What I do want to know is if my kid is being a little shit and needs a behavior modification. I hate whining, I will not tolerate hitting, biting, screaming, hair pulling, swinging the cat by her tail, etc. So, if my kid is impolite, let me know. But, if you think my kid is ugly or defective - keep it to yourself.

I wish the waitress from Fuzzy's was reading this. Ugh! I'm still appalled that she would ask me if there was something wrong with my precious George.


Joan said...

Well, misery loves company. People love to tell their horror stories and put other people down so that they can feel better about their own pitiful sad little lives. A sad commentary on our social skills.
You should have let her have it and asked "Oh dear, what is wrong with your child that she is so small? Does she have an eating disorder?"
You deserve a medal for being civil to such a rude comment.

lisawitt said...

aww, theresa!! that is awful! I dont know if I could have been so restrained either. And 17lbs for an 11 month old? Sheesh. Kari's little Dylan is the same age as George and also 20lbs, just good healthy boys!

Hope you cant forget the comment and defintely wont be patronizing Fuzzy's again!

Mom said...

What is her problem? Obviously she doesn't know how to win friends and influence people. I'm surprised she still has a job. I guess we can't all be professional.

Mary said...

I agree with Joan that 17 lbs at 11 months is pretty small - unusually so. Plus, boys are usually bigger than girls anyway. To make you feel better - Amber was over 20 lbs at 6 months as well. She is completely normal and so is George. Plus, they are much more fun to snuggle too - no bones sticking in ya.

Stacey said...

You know that your kids are beautful, inside and out! Don't worry about taco shop lady another second...consider the source! Easier said than done, I know. I once had a friend tell me that she was so glad her son had olive skin and tanned well....she wouldn't want a pale skinned red-head (like mine?). Well too bad for her....I LOVE my pale skinned red-head! Sometimes people forget their manners if they ever had any.

The Potters said...

I hate other people's comments about children other than their own! Can't they just keep their comments (stupid ones at that!) to themselves?