Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pictures of George

Here are the results of my impromptu photo shoot with George. He was very tired so I don't have fantastic shots. Looking for the right one to submit to the cute baby contests.

This one is my favorite so far. He was so tired, so it was tough getting him to smile.

Oh, and I can't figure out how to get the date off the camera. I need expert help.

Here's George's latest development. He started sitting up last week really well. He's more accomplished at it now than he was in this video. He's doing great and he's reached the age of ultimate cuteness -- 6 months. They are precious at this age - smiling, sitting up, grabbing things, starting to show personality. I just adore my little George.

And here are some pics of all three.
Chuck and I are missing Luke and Evie like crazy, although it has been nice to have some quiet. Unfortunately, we should have taken this time to clean house, do laundry, catch up on correspondence and errands. We did none of those things. We watched movies. Oh well. We all need some down time occasionally.


Mom said...

Awesome pictures. Loved the video.

Joan said...

What kind of camera do you have?
Look for a button "Menu" then there should be a date stamp option - turn it off.
Viola - no more date.

Mary said...

I love the video! He is adorable! Evie is looking so grown up!

lisawitt said...

love those cheeks, too cute!! and i agree...6 months is the cutest age!!