Sunday, June 28, 2009


About 8 hours ago we went out with a couple-friend of ours. We were all so excited that in five years of knowing each other, we finally found a chance to go out without the kids so that we weren't being constantly interrupted by little cherubic (sometimes devilish) children. We grabbed a drink before hand a little jazz lounge (which was empty at 6 p.m.) in the basement of one of the buildings downtown. It is super cool because you go down an alley between two buildings and ride in an elevator down to the basement. I kind of feel like I'm getting into a speakeasy and have to know the secret knock just to get in, but it isn't actually that big of a deal. Anyway, I had a couple of glasses of champagne before we went to dinner at the fondu place next door (also in the basement). After the salad and the cheese course, I started to feel ill and then by the time our main course was finished (before dessert arrived), I was miserable. It sucked so bad and I have no idea what made me feel that way. I tried to even throw up, but no dice. (I would never be successful at bulemia). So, after groaning my way through dessert, I sadly had to go home at 9:45. I was sooooooo bummed! I really wanted to go see the movie The Proposal, and I couldn't even make it, and now I know Chuck will hold this against me when I tell him I want to go see the movie again. I got home and our sweet babysitter was putting George down and all I could do was lay on the couch and groan some more. I swear, I think it was all the oil that I ate that my system is just not used to. I mean, that cheese is mixed with a cup of oil and then you roast your main course in a pot of oil. That can't be good for the system.

So, I collapsed into bed and Chuck retired to the den to watch tv (disappointed in me, I'm sure). I groaned my way to sleep and woke up about 40 minutes ago feeling better, but still not a 100%. And here I am, unable to sleep and blogging to you about this very boring state of affairs. If you've made it this far in the post, I salute you. I hope the rest of you are sleeping well.


Mom said...

I was sleeping well when you posted this blog. I hope you start feeing better soon. I think you might have caught a bug.

Mary said...

I hope you feel better. Great to talk with you today!