Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby George Update

Blood pressure normal. Pee stick normal. Heart rate normal. Baby is head down. Take that! As predicted, we passed everything with flying colors.

Still, I'm horribly uncomfortable (wholly unlike my experiences with Luke and Evie). The pain is ridiculous since apparently all my stomach muscles are stretched out from the first two babies (thanks, Evie and Luke). So, basically, I'm carrying around 16 additional pounds with muscles that have no elasticity left. In other words, it is like the elastic in my pantyhose is shot and I'm trying to carry around a bowling ball in front of me. No joke, it sucks and it hurts. I'm sure I would recommend a third child to anyone, but I'm not certain I would recommend a third pregnancy.

Additionally, my pubic bone feels bruised every time I stand up and start walking. I can walk it out, but the more I walk the more I hurt later. Dr. said that with each child there is a hormone that allows a strip of cartilage in that bone to relax and stretch to allow the baby to pass through. Well, I guess with the third one it is super stretchy and there is some significant pain involved that cannot be helped with anything. (And when I say "significant" I don't mean anything as bad as actual child birth - but a steady and constant feeling of bruising and sharp pains when I stand up and walk). Lucky me. So, the belt I bought a few days ago was a useless effort to relieve this pain. Plus, the belt simply pushed on my bladder and hiked the baby up into my ribs. Sounds comfy huh? I ditched it this morning after the doctor said she really doesn't recommend them because, in her experience, the belts don't give that much added support or relief. Perhaps I'll foist it off on some unsuspecting pregnant lady. What a rip.

Good news is that there were no lectures about my blood pressure or my weight. That's always good. At this point in my pregnancies with the first two, I had already received a lecture about not letting my weight get out of hand. I don't think I weigh any less, I just think it has redistributed. So, the extra weight I was carrying to begin with has now shifted (probably permanently) to my ass and thighs. What a gift - now I'll have to go buy all new jeans for my super sized ass. Can't wait for that shopping trip. Enough bitching for now.

On the bright side, I'm finally starting to redo the nursery for little George. I ordered and received new bedding. I picked up some cute puppy dog pictures to replace the pink confections we hung up for Evie. Now I just need to start pulling out Luke's stuff and getting ready for our precious arrival. We're so excited about George, despite all my bitching (or maybe because of all my bitching). I also visited and secured a spot for George at a new school today. It is a relief to have that issue settled since we left the old school without being on a waiting list somewhere else. So, things are progressing and hopefully around Christmas, we'll have a new little face to add to the blog.


Roxy said...

sorry sister, I know what you are feeling. I had that pain with Alex, but not Julia and I described it as the feeling you might get if you get beat in between your legs with a baseball bat. Amy later renamed it to "the baseball bat feeling". She also had it with C. I loved my maternity belt with Julia and wore it while sleeping, that seemed to help my aching hips, but I doubt that it would help with the baseball bat. Hang in there, Georgie will be so cute!

Stacey said...

Owww. I am wincing just trying to imagine the baseball bat feeling.

Joan said...

Seems like it is either one thing or another. Either you hurt when walking or when sitting. Colt was so BIG and riding top and bottom. I think he permanently stretched out my ribs. I used to heave a big sigh when sitting down and then lean back as far as I could so he could do his calesthenics across my upper tummy, right foot KICK now STRETCH, Left fooot REPEAT. I do not miss that. I thought I was going to split open with my own little alien reaching out. My lovely stretch marks are such a sweet reminder to show my son and say, "look what you did to my tummy!" He smiles and says, "I love you, Mom" and then gives big hugs and a great back massage. Hang in there, back rubs are in your future!

lisawitt said...

Ha, oh Theresa...I do feel your pain (well not literally) sorry for all of the aches and pains, but as they say, it will all be worth it in the end!

hang in there and can't wait to meet george in a few more weeks! :)

amym said...

Ah yes...the baseball bat feeling. That was lovely!! Sorry you are so uncomfortable. Hang in there!

Kathi said...

If it helps at all, years down the road you will not be able to remember the pain that much, just that there was something that you didn't like about being pregnant. Other memories fill up your mind.