Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Extremes of this Professional Mother

It amazes me that my day ranges from nasty poop, long arguments about barbie dolls and assorted toys, whether one child wants chicken nuggets or fish sticks and the makeup-less homebody that I become when I get home and put on my pajamas to the professional, usually well groomed, intellectually speaking, attorney who addresses crowds and judges. Today, I had the pleasure of addressing the local bar association on behalf of the young lawyers group for which I am the president elect. Everyone was quiet and respectful as I introduced myself and made the required announcements. I was mostly poised, articulate, and did not stumble over myself as I walked up to the podium and back. In fact, one of my bosses actually stood up and held my chair and napkin for me. Then I was able to listen attentatively to a discussion regarding the state bar association's recommendations to the legislature on court reform. It was, pleasant, intellectually stimulating, and dignified.

This is all in stark contrast to the person I was yesterday: jogging suit, bra straps showing and I didn't care, barely any makeup, hair in a pony tail, cleaning everything including, toilets, children, throw up, bottoms, runny noses, and dirty faces and hands. I spent my day managing toys, books, the house, a sick kid (and a healthy kid), phone calls to the doctor and to work, and filtering shows on channels such as Noggin, Disney, PBS, etc. Children, adults, and tv had conversations in raised volumes around me. No thought was my own. I couldn't go to the restroom in privacy (actually the kids were pretty good about this yesterday - but the dog was there as usual). And my dinner conversation ranged from discussions regarding questions as innane as "why can't I have my pillow?" to the uninteresting subject of feed prices (family business discussion).

I find it amazing that my daily life ranges in such extremes. And it leads me to wonder what my bosses and the judges look like at home. Surely, all of us have those days when the make up is not applied, the clothes are rumpled and carelessly donned. I must say that each type of day holds its charms. It is a pleasure to be dressed in professional clothing, making business connections, and engaging in intellectual conversation. Then again, it is a pleasure to wear jeans and a t-shirt, play with my kids, and sit at home not worrying about deadlines. But, under no circumstances, it is ever a pleasure to clean up anything. - All this is simply my opinion.

With all that said, even though I was professionally dressed, this is what I looked like as I approached the podium.

I'm getting huge!


Joan said...

Hey! Homer! Where's the donut? I love it - I laughed so hard. I remember feeling just like that and get me a muumuu. I love you, donut or not!

Theresa said...

Mmmmm . . . donut. I really do like donuts right now. Oh, and a big glass of milk to go with it.

lisawitt said...

ha, i doubt you are huge!! i bet you are precious...post us a pic! :)