Thursday, November 20, 2008

On our way to wellness

After a nice visit with our doctor (who totally rocks, by the way), it has been determined that Luke has a really bad sinus infection and Evie has an ear infection in just her right ear. Lucky us. We spent the afternoon holed up at the house. I was working while the kids watched tv. After administering dosages to both kids from multiple bottles of medicine and some ear drops for Evie, Chuck put the kids down at 8:30 and I retired to my bedroom where I set up my own sick bed complete with a humidifier, multiple pills, a huge glass of water, a book, and some Christmas music. This morning was more of the same, except I got to go to the doctor and get a prescription of antibiotics too. Thank God. Hopefully, we will be well my Monday.

As for George, the doctor confirmed that he is riding exceptionally low. The feeling where my leg occassionally feels like it is falling out of my hip socket has kicked in. What a pleasure. People who see this happen while I'm walking often want to call an ambulance for me and I have to assure them (while I catch my breath and wait for the feeling to dissipate) that I'm just fine. Blood pressure was up also - 140 over 84. Sounds like George is cooking up just right and if I keep playing my blood pressure cards right, we will have an early delivery.

Until then, we have Thanksgiving and a round of Christmas parties (oh, and one major hearing) to get through. On a bright note, I saw a one month old baby at the doctor's office today and I couldn't help but stare, feel my uterus do a little flip-flop of joy, and really feel excited that we are having another beautiful baby. I think in the midst of all this other stuff, I tend to forget how wonderful this little miracle is.

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Joan said...

I'm glad you all will be feeling better soon. You sound Oh So Optimistic about the blood pressure. There is always some good in the bad, sometimes you have to search really hard to find it. Thank you, Thank you, my little Pollyanna moment is over.

PS did you see Amy's post?