Friday, November 14, 2008

National Adoption Day

Every once in a while I get to use my law degree to do something good, and I mean really good and fulfilling. Tomorrow is National Adoption Day, and I have the privilege of representing a couple (on a pro bono basis) who are adopting a sweet, beautiful 18 month old little girl. I am so honored, blessed, and humbled to be able to participate in this momentous occasion. It is one of the most wonderful things I will have ever done with my law degree, and I am thankful that my firm is so supportive of this endeavor.

At National Adoption Day (in my area), each child that is adopted receives a book, a stuffed animal, and a pendant with their new name engraved on it. On a side note: A very special local jeweler donates the materials and his time and hand engraves each pendant himself for each child each year. This year, the jeweler will once again donate his time and materials although the event will be bitter sweet since a large donation of books will be made to NAD in the name of his son (my friend) who was killed in a car accident two months ago. It is also interesting to mention that the local young lawyer's group I am involved in honored this jeweler for his generous contribution to NAD over the years and his son (who is now deceased) presented the award to him last spring. I digress.

The best part of tomorrow that I get to present the parents to the court for the final adoption proceeding when the court grants the final adoption decree, and I have to ask the parents (and this is where I get choked up just thinking about it), "Do you understand that adoption is like a promise and that you are promising this child to love her forever and ever and to keep her as a part of your family forever and ever?" It's just the most beautiful thing!

I am so excited for this new family and all the new families across the nation that will be created or altered for the better tomorrow.

Much love to all of you, and may your weekend be as wonderful as mine is sure to be!


Kelly said...

My cousin Shauna Wright will be there, too! Her law firm in ft. worth is also participating in the national adoption day! what a great thing to do!!! have fun!

lisawitt said...

Wow, that sounds awesome!! Cant wait to hear how it all goes!

lisawitt said...

How did everything go??