Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Apologies and Bras

My apologies for the previous post which was pretty much a rant. I'm not saying that I don't feel that way, but I'll try to control myself in the future.

I finally received feedback from the showing where the house was a mess and there was a bra sitting in the middle of my living room floor. They liked everything except the fact that we don't have a breakfast area. No mention of the bra. I wish I had left out a really sexy bra - at least then I could have been proud of what was on display. Instead, it was just your average, run of the mill, serviceable bra - not even an exciting color. At least it wasn't a nursing bra, right? I can't believe those are in my future again.

Speaking of nursing bras, any of you ladies out there know where I can find a pretty one instead of the ugly stuff you see at stores? I know I shouldn't care what the bra looks like, but if I'm going to subject myself to having to whip it out and feed the little munchkin in front of everyone (including my children), I'd like to at least feel pretty while I'm doing it. Instead, most of the nursing bras appear to be industrial uniforms handed out to factory workers. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

Brief Google search resulted in the most beautiful nursing bra I've ever seen, but it is $120. Of course, it helps that the woman modeling the bra does not appear to have a post-partum body - lucky bitch. There's no way she just gave birth and is nursing a child with abs like that. It's a gorgeous bra, right? Now imagine what it looks like with nursing pads underneath the lace --- Not quite so sexy. But I still want one -- if only I was willing to drop $120 on a bra I don't intend to use for more than a few months.

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Jess said...

Could yo imagine breast milk getting on that bra? I wonder if it comes in size FF...