Monday, November 17, 2008


This weekend we pretty much stayed at home and rested since Luke, Evie, and I all have colds. I'm finally on the mend, but still pretty disgusting. Luke and Evie are about the same as me. While we were at home, we watched a ton of movies. We try to let Luke and Evie alternate picking out what they want to watch on TV. At one point, Luke had been outside helping Daddy work on the yard and when he came in Evie was watching a princess movie that she had picked out. He asked what she was watching and I told him, "A princess movie." Luke responded as his body collapsed against the couch dejectedly, "Ughh, another princess movie?!" (Read in very whiney voice). Me, "Yes, it was her turn to pick something out and you weren't even in here." (I must admit that even I am sick of her princess movies, but she never seems to tire of it.) Him, "I HATE princess movies. I HATE princesses." I continued to read the book I had in front of me and vaguely acknowledged his rant with, "Okay." But when I continued reading, he managed to get my attention saying, "Mommy . . . mommmy." I glanced up. "Mommy, I hate princesses. I don't want to watch princess movies." Me, "I hear you. That's too bad. It's Evie's turn." I start to glance back at my book, but he continued, "Mommy, I hate princesses and if I ever have to marry a princess I am not going to be be very happy!" I was at a loss for words as it raced through my mind that he would certainly be grateful if he had to marry a princess - particularly a princess that looks like any of the princesses on Evie's movies - not to mention the great monetary comfort that might come along with such a union. (Yes, these are the things that go through my mind.) So, after an "uh" or two I said, "Well, if you think so." Satisfied with my answer and apparently through with his rant, Luke located his hammer and started to "fix" his bulldozer.

I'm not sure what has put the thought of marriage into their heads, but Evie talks about who she is going to marry too. I think someone told them that you marry your best friend (not too far off, right?). The awkward part is that right now Evie's best friend is me, Luke, and Daddy. So, she announces that I am going to marry Daddy and she is going to marry me, and Daddy, and Luke. Okay, whatever you want kiddo.

With all that said, and considering I spent all weekend trapped in a house with those two little ones, I still think they are the most adorable things when they aren't being brats or throwing up.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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