Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guess that Appendage . . .

George is almost always on the move now as he gets bigger and fills out my entire abdomen. These days I find myself gently pushing against various appendages that George decides to stick out there, but I can never actually tell what they are: arm, hand, foot, knee, butt? His bottom is probably the easiest to pick out, but I always wonder what the little appendage is on my right side that is constantly sticking out and moving. These days, it is the most likely thing a stranger would be able to feel moving in this big belly of mine. It is fun to gently push against whatever it is and feel him release and then push back again. It is our first form of communication and I love it.

I know I have spent a lot of time complaining about the discomfort of this pregnancy, but please don't doubt that I treasure every moment of helping God create this precious little being who is sure to win my heart the way Luke and Evie have. All in all, I really love being pregnant - especially the elastic waistbands in everything as I've mentioned before. It is an absolute joy to carry this sweet little boy with me to work and share his life all day long. I actually miss having the babies with me when I get back to work after maternity leave. It is fun to have a little companion to pat, monitor, and sometimes talk to. Even late at night when everyone else in the house is asleep, George keeps me company with his sweet little kicks and his big, painful, kicks and adjustments. But each movement and discomfort is a reminder of the sweetness he will bring to our family. I just hope we can make him as happy as he will make us.

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