Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Four Year Old is a Genius!

Yeah, I'm just kidding. You know I'm not one of those parents. However, I must brag that he used two five-dollar-words this last weekend: metamorphosis and acapella. Seriously, I had to look up how to spell them both. I asked him if he knew what they meant (both utilized at different times during the weekend). He explained metamorphosis in the most basic aspects refering to a monarch butterfly and its cocoon. And he very quickly explained that acapella means "without music." While it in fact means without instruments, I was wholly satisfied and impressed with his answer. Then, when we were at church on Sunday, the priest was singing by himself and Luke loudly whispered in amazement, "Mom, acapella!" I nodded my head, more than a little pleased with his show of intelligence, and hoping that all the other adults around us heard his genius!

With that said, my kid still puts his shoes on the wrong feet and constantly asks to go home even when we are already at home. I don't know - I guess somethings take longer than others. Still, I'm wonderfully impressed with the education he is receiving at his new school.

I'll leave you all on that note as we head to H-town. First we have to attend a Thanksgiving Program at the school where the kids are apprarently playing the parts of Indian Chief and Pilgrim (guess which one is which: Luke is the former and Evie is the later). I'll let you know how it goes. To one and to all, I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving. I hope we all can understand and appreciate the gifts we have been given this season.

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