Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Update (not the SNL version)

Luke v. Soccer has come to an end, and Luke won! It only took until the last game of the season, but Luke overcame all his fears and crying, and he has finally grasped the fact that he wants to score a goal and that the other team should not score a goal. It was fantastic. We have a final soccer party this Wednesday where the boys will have dinner and get a trophy. The boy has exceeded all expectations since his first practice - a trophy?! That's incredible! I'm so proud of him. I know everyone gets one, but I don't care. I'm bursting with pride. Here's the team picture. He is standing next to his Coach who he has a crush on. It's sweet. Also, here's a picture of him getting ready to kick the ball in. He's so big!

Also, big news - he has finally started reading!!!! He won't do it at home, but the teacher assures me that he is reading. I'm so proud of him. What a great kid.

Halloween was fun-filled. Luke was a transformer (Optimus Prime - never heard of him but apparently everyone else in the world - including Luke and Chuck - knows who that is). Evie was a princess - big surprise. Too much candy. Can I throw it away or do I actually have to keep it around? The new school had a little halloween party where the parents and kids could eat soup and sandwiches and then put on their costumes so they were set for trick-or-treating. Most of the kids in Luke's class are boys and each one was a superhero. There were no repeats except for two batmans - but the costumes were all different. Luke is the one on the far right of the picture. They all ran around making shooting noises and fighting. Luke declared his costume the best because he saves the world. He makes a compelling argument.After the school party we headed over to Wayne and Caroline's house. Caroline offered to walk my kids around with her daughter so that I could take a load off. I didn't think the walk would be too much so I joined her to go around the neighborhood. I should have listened to her and stayed at the house. Still, it was fun!

We had our friends Wayne and Caroline over last night for dinner and the Cowboys game. Dinner was great, the game was dismal. I was occasionally away from the tv while cooking and when I came back into the room one time Chuck asked me, "Did you see what happened to Romo?" Me, "What?! Romo went in?" Chuck, "No, somebody ran into him on the sidelines and jacked up Romo's ankle." Me with blood pressure rising, "What! OMG! No way." Chuck cracks a smile and Caroline and Wayne start to laugh. I realize I've fallen hook, line and sinker and respond, "You jackass! Ugh!" and I storm back into the kitchen to keep cooking. This is the shit I put up with daily - at least it actually makes me laugh in spite of myself - I seriously hate looking like an idiot. Chuck kept me laughing all night. I think it was all the scotch he was drinking.

We discovered a new use for boogers this weekend. Luke had a dried booger on his hand and I said, "Go wash that off. It's nasty." He stood in front of me, peeled it off, and said, "I put it on my boo-boo to make it feel better." No other explanation. Where do they come up with this stuff? Maybe boogers look like Neosporin. All I could say was, "Okay."


Joan said...

If it makes you feel better about the boogers, the mucus does contain immune factors that fight bacteria. Your little guy may have something there but I don't think it is going to catch on anytime soon!

Theresa said...

Ahh, he's ahead of his time! Wonderful!