Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Parties

I don't know what it is about April, but this is definitely the biggest month for birthdays in our lives. Not only was Luke born this month, but we have FOUR birthday parties to attend this weekend! It's ridiculous. I actually walked out of the store yesterday with four birthday presents in my arms and we will be consuming four separate birthday cakes this weekend, with four separate goody bags, and at least 8 hours of crazy birthday party "fun." Could somebody please explain to me why everyone got busy in July?

Also, I'd like to apologize to all my friends whose birthday parties I attend. I hate birthday parties. They are such a pain in my ass - yes, it's all about me; get over it. But I will go and I will most likely be cordial, but I will not be the friend that jumps up and down and wants to help you plan the birthday party. In fact, I'll probably sit in a corner and desperately wonder if you have wine in the house.

One of my friends informed me last night that her daughter's birthday party is going to be at Chuck E. Cheese (referred to in code at our house to avoid hysteria as "Charles E Fromage"). I let out a ridiculously put-upon sigh and said with derision in my voice, "Sweet Jesus. Why?"

Well the answer is a simple one: the birthday girl wanted her party there. To be frank, I'd probably do the same thing while bitching about it the entire time and apologizing profusely to each set of parents whose kids I had invited to the land of germs, pizza, games, chaos, noise, and a scary-costumed-giant mouse (who is probably some poor acne-ridden teenager who is just trying to make a buck). Ugh, Charles E. Formage - I despise thee.


Angie said...

Good Lord...4 bday parties?! You deserve an extra star in your crown.

P.S. Good luck this weekend!

Cowtown Camera Girl said...

Goodness! Four parties! We had two birthday parties recently on a Saturday. I was proud of myself for choosing to go to only one. That's my goal. We'll see how it goes when Ezra gets older and realizes that we aren't going to everything.

Fun to see you last night! :)

Theresa said...

Angie, I'm so pleased that you know I wear a crown. I'm obviously expressing myself clearly enough for you to really know what I'm about

Angie said...

Oh's obvious that you wear crown. Look at you. You're fabulous!

The Potters said...

Charles E. Fromage! I love it!!