Monday, April 25, 2011

Like a Virgin - but not quite.

I realize that I live a fairly sheltered life, but here is the most interesting thing I've ever seen one of my friends post on Facebook:

  • 6 new photos
    Celebrating the life renewal and cleansing of Ms Laurie--and don't forget pedro! House parties are fun!!
    18 hours ago
There were pictures to go with it. I had to re-read it a few times just to make sure I fully understood. Apparently, there is quite a bit I don't know about, as you can see in this article published by ABC news.


Angie said...

It's things like this that remind me of just how uncool I truly am.

And pictures, really? Wait, I skipped the most important part...a party to celebrate what?


Theresa said...

I know! Right?!

Mom said...

omg is all I can say.

Lisa said...

i think im still confused!! she had pics of her woohaa on fb??

people share WAY to much information!!

George's Mum said...

huh???? seriously what?..... my blog is called Evie George and you have an Evie and a George. that made me smile a lot. x

Theresa said...

@ Lisa - no it was just pictures of the party I guess where they celebrated her revirgination or something. My friend FW Atty was curious enough to go check it out. Funny stuff.