Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My View

It is as if I cease to exist if I don't post on this blog. Sad, but probably true.

So, I got to spend the weekend with these two munchkins while Luke and Chuck went to an overnight Cub Scout camp out. Ooo . . . ahh.

Evie, George and I really had a great time together. We snuggled together,

had breakfast,

and managed to go to an Easter Egg Hunt!

Chuck kept me posted with pictures and captions as follows:

"Luke playing leap frog."
(he's squatting down and wearing a striped shirt)

"Luke disregarding personal space to examine a worm."
(not at all surprised)

"At the camp fire. It was too dark to get the skits. Ask Luke for his impression of a raindrop." Seriously, ask Luke this next time you see him; it's hilarious.

"Luke with his very first pocketknife. Which promptly had to be taken back since scouts get their knives at 8 years old. He'll get it back in the car."

And the one that drove me to drink simply based on jealousy:

"The view from my hammock."

To which I responded: "The view from Chick-fil-a."

Oh yeah, baby. Living the high life here in Fort Worth!
He was not even a little bit jealous.

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Mom said...

Love the pictures. Evie and George look so cute together and Luke looks so big in those pictures.