Friday, April 22, 2011

Those Kind of People

Do you all know those perfect people out there who are gorgeous, well-put-together, healthy, athletic, happy, optimistic and cheery all the darn time? Yeah, I know a few of them and I really want to hate them, but it is impossible because they're so damn nice. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Well, one of my several perfect friends (who I think all suffer from TTDT aka "thighs that don't touch"), is opening up a Smart Barre Studio. Yes, can you believe that? Not only is she perfect, but she is perfecting her dreams. She is a professionally trained ballerina, has two kids, is married to a former pro-soccer player turned international executive (who also happens to be Luke's soccer coach and grew up in my home town of Spring, Texas), and she's beautiful inside and out. In fact, here's her picture (which I stole from her fb page, because, well, friends can do that, can't they?).

Right? This isn't the picture on her blog, but she has one there too. I swear, you have to be beautiful to put your picture up on your blog for all the world to see. As you can see by the header of my blog, I look better as a cartoon than I do in real life. Trust me on this. I digress.

I can't reiterate how difficult it is to slouch next to her on the side-lines of our kids' soccer game while she holds herself up with picture-perfect posture. I console myself by remembering that I probably got to enjoy more margaritas and chocolate donuts than she did in the past years, so in the end I'm really the winner. See how I can rationalize anything?

Okay, anyway, just wanted to give you guys a heads up in case anyone wants to join her class. I'm typically at work during her class times but I'm hoping to find a perfect time once she opens up her studio. Check out her website if you have time: SmartBarre. Of course, I realize that the more she works out teaching her amazing classes all day long (and I hear they are absolutely amazing), the better she is going to look and I'm going to have to resist the urge to hate her even more. Good thing I can look past those good looks and enjoy a friendship with anyone who can embrace a glass of wine.

And Allison . . . thanks for putting up with me!


Summer Jones said...

It's good to have talented friends!

Angie said...

I have a friend like this too and she's just amazing. How do these people do it?! They're real people too, right?

And P.S. the cartoon you isn't half as beautiful as the real you!

The Potters said...

I'll totally do it with you, T!