Wednesday, April 20, 2011

She'll be Famous

Me: Wow! What is this?

Luke: It's from Evie's art class.

Me: That's pretty good! She's a rock star!

Luke: No. She's not a rock star.

Me: Why not?

Luke: Because a rock star plays good guitar music. Evie's going to be a famous artist.

Me (eyes raised, with a pleased smile on my face): Hmm! I love you, Luke!

Luke didn't answer because he was already engrossed with the television.

Here are some pictures of the artwork I was so impressed with and the soon-to-be-famous artist eating her peanut butter sandwich.


Angie said...

Wouldn't that make an adorable child's brithday cake?

I hope she continues to love art as much as she does now. How wonderful!

mom said...

Awesome pictures. Evie: Way to go.

Roxanne said...

i agree with Luke! that is really great work, Evie!

Lisa said...

wow! that is pretty good!! way to go evie!

Angela said...

She's awesome!!