Saturday, March 7, 2009

What did he say!?!

This morning we had all the kids in our bed after they woke up and we were all just talking and hanging out before we had to get up for the day's activities. Luke was snuggled up with me and out of nowhere he opened up his legs, cupped his testicles and said, "What are testicles for?" I explained that testicles are for making babies. Then he asked, "But when are we going to cut my testicles off?" I choked a bit, and said, "What did you say?" He repeated, "When are we going to cut off my testicles?" I quickly replied, "We aren't going to cut off your testicles." At that point, Chuck chimed in, "Luke, steers have their testicles cut off, not people." My eyes were still wide after Luke's question, but my panic subsided as I realized Luke was merely confused about the differences between humans and livestock. I restated that "We never cut of a person's testicles." (It is too soon to explain necessary medical procedures that might make my statement false). Luke still seemed a little confused, but he accepted the answer and Chuck sent Luke and Evie to their room to get dressed.

Of course, as soon as the kids were out of the room I looked to Chuck for an explanation. Chuck explained that when they drive by Will Rogers Coliseum every day there is a sign announcing the events. Luke always asks what is on the sign. One day the sign mentioned Bull Riding and Steer Roping. Luke asked what a bull was and Chuck responded that it is a boy cow. Luke asked what a steer was and Chuck responded it is a boy cow. Of course, the next obvious question is what is the difference between a steer and a bull. Chuck explained that a bull has testicles for making babies and steers have their testicles cut off. (Okay, and here is my biggest problem with the entire explanation). Luke asked why they cut off the testicles of a steer. Chuck said steers are raised for their meat and the meat tastes better if there are no testicles. (No problem with that, but with the next part). Then he proceeded to say that ranchers also don't want the steers making babies because the bulls are the best boy cows and they only want the best boy cows making babies. To me, selective breeding is a pretty big bomb to drop on a boy child. And obviously, Luke thinks that they do the same thing to people that they do to animals.

And I thought I had heard all the questions there could be about Luke's private parts. I was wrong. I better start saving for Luke's therapist bills now.

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