Monday, March 16, 2009

Suit pants and leggings

I woke up this morning and, as I sucked in and snapped my pants, I thought, "I need to lose weight." So, I had a chocolate cupcake for lunch. Smart . . . very smart. Perhaps I should join a gym to even out the poor choices I'm making. Of course, I would have to actually go to the gym and it would be best to do so before my suit pants start to look like leggings. Hmmm.

Back to the chocolate cupcake. Okay, I only had the chocolate cupcake after I ate my avocado chicken salad and iced tea (from McKinley's - another favorite, and the salad is my new favorite dish). But the cupcake was fabulous. It is from a new bakery in town called J. Rae's. They just have cookies, cupcakes and cheesecake. Delicious!


The Potters said...

I have that gym membership, but I can't get myself to go! I seriously doubt that your suit pants look like leggings. :) And how can you pass up a thumbprint from McKinley's??

lisawitt said...

avocado chicken salad....that sounds DELISH!!