Sunday, March 8, 2009

He smiles

He's been smiling for a while, but he does it a lot lately and it is wonderful. Of course, he really started smiling a lot when grandma visited last week. Each smile is a wonderful gift.
He has also been jabbering a bit and that is super wonderful to hear and watch. I love that he has started interacting. And I know you won't believe this (and I only have two children as witnesses), but George actually said "mama" last week. Yes, I know he didn't actually mean to say it, and I know that he doesn't know what it means, BUT he did clearly say it!

Here's a little picture update, including some pics of the kids taking the situation into their own hands when George was crying and I didn't get there fast enough. So, when I arrived and asked if George was still crying (btw, I had been upstairs and dropped something off in the kitchen), the kids replied, "No, mom. He was just hungry." I walked into the living room and found Luke and Evie feeding George the rest of his fresh bottle. They are little angels.
Evie had to have a turn too.

When Grandma visited, she had him smiling like crazy and even claims he laughed, so I got the camera out to catch it on film. Unfortunately, Evie took that moment to bestow (as she often does) her undivided attention and love upon her little brother. This captures Evie's typical behavior around George. She gets this touchy feely even when I'm trying to nurse. You can only imagine how difficult it is for her (and me and George) for her to get her arms around George for a hug while he is nursing. She seems undeterred when I tell her she should hug him later.

Here, I was trying to capture more of George's smiles and talking, but of course, he is camera shy once again so you pretty much here me and Chuck talking the whole time. Just another example of crazy, sweet, parental love. God, I'm in love with my family!


Joan said...

I love the pictures of the kids helping feed George. You have a true treasure chest of love!

lisawitt said...

so cute!!! I too love the pic of Luke feeding George, so sweet!

Mary said...

Thanks for the video - I love it. I cannot wait to see you all again!

The Potters said...

Lucky! Nothing that Conley says even remotely sounds like "Mama!"

Joan said...

Thank you for the video to Aunt Joanie! I didn't get to see the video at work, (they block that stuff). But I do really love seeing my Godson, George.