Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who's out there?

Okay, so I have a counter on my blog that keeps track of the number of hits on my blog and what kinds of searches lead people to my blog. Well, awhile ago I posted a question about why snot is green when you're sick and let me tell you that entry has had a ton of hits from people who are using search engines to find out about boogers. How nasty is this? I think the funny part is the disgusting ways people phrase this inquiry. Here are some of the searches, but there have been many more:

"why do your boogers turn green when you are sick"
"mustard colored boogers" and
my favorite: "chunky green mucous blood nose"

Yick! So disgusting, but at least my sister Joan provided a medical explanation.

Oh, and "pregnant boobs" gets quite a few hits too, but I bet that is either pregnant moms or perverted men who are sorely disappointed when they hit my blog.


Joan said...

So how many hits did boogers get?
Does this mean I can say I have published medical papers?

Amy said...

boogers are AMAY-ZAH-ZING-ly weird. Or, like in English, exotic!!!!(go to bloggy to see-ee!!)