Monday, March 30, 2009

Boring update

George's ear is healing well. We went for George's one week check up today and they removed the steri-strips. The stitches are still there, but will dissolve soon. I'll take a pic of George's "new" ear soon.

I spent all day yesterday on the couch watching movies on USA and Lifetime. It was awesome! I loved every minute. Plus, I got some great movie quotes that I can challenge you all with. (Notice that I ended a sentence with a preposition? See, I'm not always grammar crazy).

Dance class was a disaster . . . again.

Soccer was canceled because it was cold, cold, cold, and windy.

Not too exciting, but it was nice to have a weekend that wasn't exciting.

By the way, Chuck thinks Luke should be able to ride in the front seat with his booster. As I understand it, it is not against the law to allow a child to ride in the front seat so long as the kid isn't in a rear facing seat; however, the backseat is supposed to be the safest place for a child to ride. Can anyone point me to the law on this matter? Chuck won't take my word on it and rolls his eyes when I argue that Luke should not be sitting in the front seat on a regular basis.


Theresa said...

Okay, I found the info on the U.S. Department of Transportation: National Highway Traffic Safety. Chuck is right and so am I. They recommend that the kids sit in the backseat, but there's no requirement to do so. In TX: a child restraint is required for children under four years old and/or under 36 inches tall. A safety belt is required for children under 16 in ALL seats. So, it appears that Luke doesn't even have to be in a booster seat under the law. He just has to wear his seatbelt. I guess now we know. By the way, the laws are different for each state. In NY kids don't have to be restrained at all in a taxi - how crazy is that?

Sharon said...

I'm sure a policeman would strongly recommend children that are Luke's age should be in the back seat.

Mary said...

Let's find a policeman to comment on the blog.