Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dance Class Hell

Dance class is not progressing any better than it had except for the fact that Evie adores her teacher. Here she is sitting in her teacher's lap. I've attached a video showing her "progress." Every week during class, all the girls sit in a circle and each student takes a turn skipping around the circle. Here you can see Evie's teacher asking her if she wants to be next. Evie repeatedly shakes her head no. Her teacher even offered to skip with her, but Evie is pretty stubborn and you can see how she reacts to the entire situation. Eventually the class even pretends to cry because she won't skip around the circle. She is unaffected and eventually wins this round.

The next video is just a snippet of the recital routine and you can see the whole class performing while Evie stands and watches. They are dancing to Octopus' Garden by the Beatles.

It might be hopeless, but Chuck reminded me that it took almost all season for Luke to adjust to Soccer and now he LOVES it. So, I have hope.


Jess said...

Just keep taking her back...maybe she has to go 11 times before she starts to dance. At least she is standing with the group.

lisawitt said...

omg, poor evie in the circle! not funny for her but the video is funny! ;-) you think she would do better if yall weren't there watching? my co-worker was having the same issue with her daughter at swim lessons and once she left the area and her daughter couldnt see her, she started participating! just a thought!