Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Knocking on wood

George only woke up once last night and the night before. He is such a beautiful angel. I'm in love. I took probably 50 pictures of him last night while he laid on the ground for tummy time. He has the sweetest feet, the chubbiest cheeks, and the most beautiful, wise eyes.

As for the other two, they are hooligans! We all went for a walk to eat at a restaurant on TCU's campus and the two hooligans were in cahoots the whole time having the most hilarious conversations. For example:

Luke: Earwigs crawl into people's ears, right Evie?
Evie: Uh huh
Luke: That gross! Right Evie?
Evie: That's gross!

Ah, the little darlings!

Of course, they already think I'm losing my hearing because everytime George cries they feel the need to announce it.

George: (starting to wimper as he lays on the ground)
Evie: Mommy, George is crying.
Me: Yes, thank you.
George: (still crying, but I pick him up and sit on the couch)
Evie: Mom, George is CRYING.
Me: Yes, I hear him, he's sitting in my lap.
George: (still crying and so I give him a pacifier)
Evie: He's still crying, Mom!
Me: Thank you, Evie, I can hear him.
George: (fighting the pacifier)
Evie: (Hovering while George turns crying down to a whimper)
George: (Quietly sucking his pacifier)
Evie: He's happy, Mom! (spoken with true and utter surprise at my accomplishment, and she wanders off to her toys)
Me: (sigh)

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The Potters said...

I love the exchange between you and Evie...classic older sister dialogue!