Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Valerie and Kim

Yes, she looks great as a result of her Jenny Craig diet and diligent work outs. And I have to give her credit for getting into a bikini for the whole world to see at age 48. However, although I'm certain that Valerie lost a bunch of weight and looks fabulous now, I do not believe that her picture on the cover of People magazine is untouched by the magic of airbrushing. This is driven home by the fact that Kim Kardashian (28 years old) is airbrushed on a magazine cover as seen here on her blog. Notice how her legs look real on the left and flawless on the right.
I say, Good for Kim. It really is comforting to know that people who are on the covers of magazines are, in fact, airbrushed. Now, I'd really love for People or Valerie to come forward and confirm whether or not there was airbrushing on her pictures. If not, then fine. But, if there was airbrushing, then I think it is total crap for them to be showing off her "bikini body" without a disclaimer, particularly in light of the fact that she is selling a weight loss plan. And, as I said, I believe there was airbrushing, so you know how I feel about her being on the cover.


Richard said...

Man, not everyone is a "cheater". Honest hard work can produce great results, regardless of age. All bodies are different. One thing is a constant though - burning more calories than you consume will cause weight lose and reduction of fatty tissue.



Theresa said...

That may be true, but I think it is rare for a body to tone up that much in two months after having that much flab. I believe she lost the weight. I just don't believe her tone is that great. If you read her interview, she will admit that she wasn't really toning until January of this year. Of course, you're right, every body is different. Also, if they told me they didn't airbrush then I'll believe it. Again, I emphasize that I think she looks great and should be given credit for how great she looks.

Theresa said...

Oh, I think almost everyone in Hollywood is a cheater. Call me a cynic.

Richard said...

It all depends on how bad you want it. Hard work = success.

Joan said...

Of course, I have to say that is easier to tone up and lose weight with hard work if that is your job. If I could, with no regard to cost, take half a day to work out or even an hour to diligently dedicate to exercising without interuptions from family or work or the guilt of "abandoning" my duties as a mother, I would probably be able to look great too. Once I am home, I am in demand as Mom and wife and by the time I get to exercising it is time for bed. It is a slippery slope to carve out that time to exercise the way we should.
Those who do make that time and still work full time, drive in Houston/Metropolitan areas, and have children have my deepest respect.

Theresa said...

I spoke with all my girlfriends and everyone concurs that there was definitely airbrushing, but that she looks fantastic.