Monday, March 23, 2009

George's Worst Day . . . so far

The surgery is over and let me just say . . . Thank You Lord. That was not my favorite experience. Shots are one thing, but surgery on a baby's ear while the baby is awake is horrible. They papus him up, hold him down, numb his ear with a local and then start cutting away. I showed up and could hear his crying from the waiting room. I made it in time for the stitches. (Have I mentioned that I'm not good with this stuff? - that's why my nursing career never took off). I'm glad I wasn't there for the whole thing. The entire procedure took about a half hour or less and then we sat in the lobby of the dr's office while I comforted my very upset little man. He's been sleeping since almost two hours. Poor little man. We go back in a week for follow up.

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Sharon said...

That poor little man. I feel sorry for him.