Saturday, February 7, 2009

Evie vs. Dance Class: Part 2

Things are not getting better. This week, she barely went in and even watched. WE never found the clothes she hid, so I had to buy new stuff. Here are the pics from this week. The biggest problem is trying to extricate myself from her tentacle-like arms. Once she's in there she doesn't cry, so she is still doing better than Luke did with soccer.

Here she is in her dance clothes (and her croc boots that she wore outside).

And here she is huddled against the wall while everyone else skipped across the floor.

And here she is being held by her very cool teacher, Jules. We're hoping to get Jules to babysit the kids so that Evie will be more comfortable going into the class.


Mary said...

She so looks the part. I am sure it will get better. You are doing better than me. I couldn't even get the clothes on Alexa. We cancelled after she missed the first and second lessons. Om the other hand, Amber loved it from the very first - no problem. Every kid is so different. Good luck.

Stacey said...

She looks adorable.

Mom said...

Tell her that Grandma loves her outfit and can't wait to see her at her dance class.

Joan said...

You can tell her that Aunt Joan and Aunt Cathy took ballet classes when we were little and that is why Grandma Sharon says "demi plie" when she wants you to bow your legs out and apart after a bath so she can dry your legs off.

Jess said...

Well, if nothing else,she looks adorable.