Monday, February 9, 2009

Tell me about your drawing

Thanks to my friend Emily and her daughter Maddie, I was able to have a hearty laugh this weekend when Emily showed me the following picture Maddie drew of her dad Ben. If you see what Emily and I see you will completely understand the laughter. The scary part is that it actually looks like Ben a little bit. I think Emily is going to frame this, as would I.
When Maddie described her picture to Emily, she said her dad has wings. And I said, "Ah ha."


Emily said...

What can I say, my daughter is talented. :) I thought about putting the drawing in her scrapbook but then I wouldn't be able to explain why it's in there or why it's so funny. I guess I could and when she DOES laugh, I'm going to immediately lock her in her room until she's 30.

The Potters said...

That's hilarious! Gotta love the little ones. :)