Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh shit moment

Have you experienced the "oh shit moment" where you realize the economy is in the crapper? Despite the fact that it has been pounded into my head by the media, I have been in denial. I've maintained the belief that things will come around. Today, while reading an article, I realized that things will not turn around anytime soon, and it freaked me out. Here's the article that drove it home for me. Nonetheless, I try to repeat the words an old lawyer said to me last Tuesday, "I was a child during the depression and lived through two major recessions. The Union will survive. Don't worry." So, I will take a deep breath and repeat to myself that "This too shall pass."

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Mom said...

After the president's speach today regarding foreclosures, the stock market seems to be rising rather than going lower. I heard his speach and think this will stem some of the foreclosures looming in the future. I have hope.