Monday, February 23, 2009

Living too long.

I never claimed to be bright, but I realized my dimwittedness (a word I made up) when I saw the headline "World's Oldest Man Dies" and thought to myself, "Didn't I just see that headline a few months ago?" Yes, yes, I probably shouldn't own up to such idiocy. Oh well.

But speaking of such a headline, I have to say that the title of "Oldest Living Person" is certainly not something I strive to attain because obviously then my death will be imminent. For example, Maria de Jesus held the title for only 37 days before dying on January 2, 2009, and passing the title to the current Oldest Living Person, Gertrude Baines. Seriously, you've got to wake up everyday and think, "Hmm, will I make it through today? Is today the day I kick it?" Okay, enough with Theresa's deep thoughts for the day. Bill, bill, bill.

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