Monday, February 2, 2009

We did it!

First day was GREAT! Loved being back at work. Only felt a little guilty leaving George with strangers. We checked on him at lunch and he was doing great. Such a sweetie! I left work early to get George because my boobs were about to explode. Unfortunately, he already ate. Got the darling in my arms now. . . . reunited and it feels so goood . . . Will blog more later!


lisawitt said...

YAY!!! Was thinking about you today and glad to know it went okay! :)

Cowtown Camera Girl said...

I thought about you several times yesterday and also how I felt on my first day back to work. Glad it went okay for you. And I also saw you at daycare yesterday morning! I wasn't sure if it was you, just saw you from behind in a really cute suit and shoes. I checked with the Director later on and she said George was the super cute new baby in that room. Yea! We like that daycare. :0)