Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Miracle

The Miracle Blanket did not provide the promised miracle for us. I received the Miracle Blanket last night and was so excited by the possibility of a long night of sleep that I decided to use it when George started to get a little fussy after eating. So, I wrapped George into the baby straight jacket and he screamed his head off until I finally unwrapped him. He immediately settled down, sighed, looked at me like I was crazy and closed his eyes to recover. Perhaps we'll try again sometime, but so far I'm obviously not convinced.


Jess said...

Sorry to hear it. Nicholas hated being swaddled in any form or fashion. Lorelai loves it. I hope you find something that works...have you tried sleep sacks?

Theresa said...

Have not tried sleep sacks. I have a really warm one, but not a light one for warm nights (with the swing in temperature our house is either hot or cold - nowhere in between).

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm really surprised to hear that. I have only heard rave reviews about Miracle Blanket and it was fabulous for my baby. Are you sure you're wrapping it right and snug? You might want to look at the demo video they have playing when you go to the website. It also helped us to couple it with Dr. Karp's 5 S's. (Happiest Baby on the Block) I truly hope you find a solution as I know it can be soooo hard with a crying baby. And truly the Miracle Blanket was every bit a miracle for us and every friend I know.

Best wishes!


Theresa said...

Courtney, I was so excited about this after I watched the demo on the Miracle Blanket Website. Plus, I read all the directions and warnings (I'm a little obsessed about that stuff). Like I said, I want to give it another chance. I think I'll try it when he is calm and ready to sleep as opposed to fussy and ready to sleep. I need to check out the 5 S's. Instead we had been successful with BabyWise with our first two, but George hasn't taken to that routine at all. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give it another try.

Marshall said...


I'm actually the Customer Service guy at Miracle Blanket. I noticed your blog post and thought I might be able to help! :)

I'm really sorry to hear that the blanket doesn't seem to be working for you. (Of course, we'll proudly stand behind it and offer you a full refund, but I'm sure we'd both be happier if we instead got your baby to sleep!)

While most babies take to it right away, the fact is that it's a change for them and babies are notoriously bad at accepting change gracefully. I'd like to suggest that you try it for a few more days and I think you'll find that your baby grows to love it.

Recently we received a wonderful piece of feedback about our "Give It a Chance" advice from somebody who thought their baby didn't like the blanket, and I decided that I should include it whenever I address this particular question for somebody:

I want to thank you so much for
your blanket! I heard from a
friend that it was a lifesaver
but did not bother with my first
child. When Caroline was 6 weeks
old I called my friend again and
said "where did you get that
blanket?" She was fussy,had
terrible startle reflex and she
was waking up her 2 year old
brother. I had the blanket
shipped overnight and she hated
it. I was so sad that it did not
work. I called my friend again
and she told me to give it 5
days....it worked!! It is the
most amazing thing I have ever
seen. The second she gets fussy,
I bring out the blanket and she
relaxes. She has been sleeping
through the night since 8 weeks
and take 2 big naps during the
day. Soon, I know she will grow
out of it, but we love it for now.
I have told all my pregnant
friends about your website! Thank
you a million times over.

Hopefully, you can have results as positive as that!

You might also want to take a look at the instructions page on our website. It includes a few tips that make it a little easier to get a perfect swaddle every time.

And, of course, you can always give us a call. We want to do whatever we can to help you and your baby get some much-needed sleep.

Good luck!
Marshall Gatten

Theresa said...

Um, wow! Never had customer service find me! Thanks Marshall. I'll give it a try.

Mary said...

I am totally impressed with Marshall's proactive customer service! I kinda want one of these now and my kids are way too big for it!

The Potters said...

I am also so impressed with Marshall! Way to be proactive, Miracle Blanket customer service!

Theresa, the Happiest Baby on the Block book is awesome. It works for most babies and we used it for Conley religiously. She needed to be swaddled all of the time. That said, though, some babies just don't want to be swaddled and maybe George is one of them?

Emily said...

Wow, so much press on the Blanket! I'm trying to get you to 10 comments for one post: Madeline never wanted her arms trapped & would thrash around. Then she would be cold, wake up, start crying. My goal wasn't to comfort her but just to keep her warm through the night - she wore sleep sacks forever. You can find thin ones at Babies R Us or Children's Place. ~ Although Marshall might suggest otherwise! :)