Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pimple pleasure

I truly believe that people who give facials must derive some sort of crazy pleasure out of popping pimples. Freaks. I had a facial yesterday and told the technician (or whatever you call a person who gives facials) that I was more interested in having a relaxing facial as opposed to her cleaning out my pores.

If you know me, you know that more often than not, my face is unfortunately in bloom with pimples. I hate it and despise it, but I've come to accept it as my fate. So, I hate the thought of creating more pimples than necessary; therefore, I didn't want to suffer from the breakout that so commonly occurs after a facial. Well, the woman said, "I'll just clean out the pores a little." Not wanting to contradict the woman who held my relaxation in her hands, I said okay.

Well, I've never had anyone work over my face like that. She seemed determined to find every possible clogged pore on my face! Thank God I didn't ask her to give my face a full pore cleaning. She poked, pushed, pricked, etc. until I thought she was going to bruise me and that I would come out with red dots all over my face. As it is, I'm afraid that a huge breakout is in my future, and just in time for my return to work. Luckily, I'm not bruised and she made up for the pain with a fabulous massage. Still, I think I will stay away from a full pore treatment in the future. Ouch.


Joan said...

At least it sounds like you're over the stomach bug.
Maybe you should be like me and just don't let them touch you. Period.

Theresa said...

No, it is pretty much fantastic, even with the pain.