Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just some cute pics

George before bath last night. Super cute.

George during bath last night. Super, super cute! Notice his rolls!
George with my brother Mike and his sons, Tony and Nick. They visited last weekend and watched the kids while Chuck and I went out for Valentine's Day. Poor George is the only one not wearing his Aggie gear. Tony held George a ton and loved every minute. The only thing he wouldn't do was change a diaper.

George sleeping on Chuck.
George in is Valentine's Day gear on his 2 month birthday. He scratched the tar out of his face just before I took the picture so he wasn't a happy baby at the time.

I just adore that little man.


Mary said...

He is just so cute - he has gotten so big! I love it. I also love the new pictures of Luke and Evie!

lisawitt said...

what a cutie and such a big little man! hope to meet him one of these days! :)

The Potters said...

Love the double chin and sweet baby cheeks!!!