Monday, February 16, 2009

Pampering & Infomercials

I spent Saturday afternoon at the nail place getting a fill and the most sublimely wonderful pedicure. I haven't had a pedi since before George was born and it was one of my regrets since everyone sees your toes when you are in the hospital. Luckily, I think I avoided having them photographed at all. I digress. So I was getting my fill first and although I was child-free and drinking a glass of wine, I have to say it wasn't nearly as pleasant as the pedi mostly because the only thing on TV was an infomercial for Dual Colon Cleanse. No kidding. The infomercial started out with an authoritative sounding voice saying, "The key to good health is a clean colon. . . " I tried so hard not to bust a gut laughing at first and then I spent the next half hour (yes, thirty full minutes) listening to two men go on and on about bowel movements (healthy and unhealthy), including the look, size, and smell. So, while my trip to the spa was enjoyable during my pedi, the first half was humorous and disgusting. And my biggest question after all that was, why in the world did a spa full of pampered women have on an infomercial for Colon Cleanse?


Mom said...

Too funny. I got my laugh for the day.

Mary said...

Maybe they have a stake in the product...did you see anyone jotting down the number to call?

Theresa said...

Just me. :)

Joan said...

I wouldn't look at your toes! And the nurses were busy looking at other things - I promise.
The main ingredient for this Colon Cleanse is Cascara - a very cheap OTC medication used as a mild laxative/stool softener. Natural is written all over it as it comes from a plant. And I bet anyone would feel better if they are not constipated. Truthfully, most of us don't get enough fiber in our diet and that is the SECOND main ingredient in the Colon Cleanse.
TMI?? Probably, but it's free for the giving, a la nurse Joan.