Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FIVE Hours Straight!

Okay, the little man slept for 6 hours straight! And I slept for 5 hours straight!!!!! Yippeee! Also, I talked to the veteran teacher (Ms. Ida) in George's room this morning and she revealed that the other teacher in the room had been the assigned teacher for George. (The old teacher moved rooms last week). Anyway, the old teacher used to let George eat until he fell asleep (usually only getting a few ounces at a time) and then he would wake up hungry - always ready for a snack. Ms. Ida said she thinks that is why George couldn't seem to get on a schedule. Ms. Ida also said that since she is making him stay awake and eat his entire bottle in one sitting, he has been doing much better in the classroom and has been less fussy! Yay! I think the old teacher liked George so much that she spoiled him, because she used gush on and on about how she fell in love with George. Although it was great having a teacher that so clearly enjoyed taking care of my baby, I'm thrilled that the Ms. Ida has taken over and is getting my little boy on a schedule. Perhaps that is what led to the great sleeping last night! Whoohoo! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another good night's sleep.


lisawitt said...

WOOHOO! 6 hours is great! Here's to hoping George is on to a new pattern of sleeping!!! :)

Joan said...

I'm sure you feel like a new woman after FIVE straight hours. Way to go George!